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About Me

Scott from DriveMyBike.comHi, my name is Scott, and I am a 40 something Bike Commuter in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I rode bikes a lot when I was a kid, but then didn’t ride much for 20 years or so. Fast forward to May 2008, and I got the idea to try riding a bicycle to work.  Maybe it was the high gas prices, maybe the need for more exercise, maybe the desire to slow down my life a bit and enjoy the simpler things.  When I started this adventure I was quite surprised to find that there is a growing community of people just like me who have decided to ride their bicycles for their everyday travels.  I started this blog to share my experiences and to contribute to that community.  I now ride my bike to work a couple times a week, and also try to ride my bike for errands whenever possible. I’m in better shape, and I’m really enjoying this new way of life.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that you enjoy reading about my journey.

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