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Where Have I Been?
October 30, 2009, 5:47 pm
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Wow, I haven’t posted anything for over a month! Where have I been?


I’m still here.

Still riding my bikes.

The weather is cold now, so I’m wearing more layers these days.

Some ugly weather days, so less road bike, and more mountain bike.

Less riding for fun, and more riding to get somewhere… but it is still riding.

I’ve been very busy lately, and maybe a little less inspired to post things here.

But… I’ve always got ideas… so I’ll try to do a better job of sharing them with you.

In the meantime…

Keep Riding… and stay warm.

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I commend you on your continuation of bike commuting.
Me on the other hand, has failed. My last ride was on 9/23.
I don’t know if I hit a wall, or what, but my motivation level has left the building .
I really need to get back into the groove, which is even harder to do during this time of the season.
Any motivational suggestions?
What keeps others motivated?

Comment by Bobby D

Hey Bobby! Thanks for dropping by here… I think that proves you haven’t completely let go of this. I went through a similar slump over the last couple of months. I started riding for fun this summer, and through having all that fun the whole commuting thing got to be more of a drudgery and less enjoyable. These days I’m usually going into the office only two days a week (or less), so that just played into the whole thing and made it easier to not want to ride to work. I kept going because of my commitment to myself, and honestly I think also because others have seen me do this for so long that I wondered what they would think of me if I gave up. The last couple of weeks with the cold weather were a challenge as it didn’t add much fun to the mix. Somewhere in there I think I remembered being “just a commuter”, and I’m not sure why, but that brought back a bit of the fun. It is easy for me to make a big deal out of having just the right gear, and worrying about my fitness level and every ache and pain… and all of a sudden the whole “quest for simplicity” has been replaced with stress and complexity. I’ve had a couple of days recently where I didn’t have all of my cold weather gear clean and ready, so I had to improvise… like I did when I was getting started… and it reminded me of the simplicity I used to enjoy. This morning’s ride was cold (low 30’s), I got creative with my outfit, and I rode my heavy old mountain bike, so it was not a speedy ride… but I tried to just enjoy the journey, and I think that helped. So for me I think the motivation comes from a combination of just doing it anyway, and then trying to keep it simple and just enjoying the ride. Hang in there bro… and we still need to ride together sometime. 😉

Comment by Scott

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