Drive My Bike

What Would It Be Like?

What would it be like if the majority of commuters rode bicycles?

Think about it…

What would happen to the environment?

What would happen to healthcare… obesity… nutrition?

What would happen to our stress level?

What would happen to our sense of community?

Obviously bike commuting doesn’t work for everyone…

But what if it worked for most of us?

As you can see from the video, it is possible.

Thanks to Bike Commuters and Kona.


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We made it to Holland this year and bikes are everywhere. Also, it was rare to see a bicycle helmet. I lived in southern Holland back in the late 80’s and the bike culture has not changed a bit since then. I think Holland is my favorite European country and it has a lot to do with the laid back atmosphere that bikes create.

Comment by Greg

If only, if only, if only.
I really think about this all the time. Can you imagine Chicago with even half the cars and twice the bikes?
Life would be SO much better.

Comment by Cami

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