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Way To Go Chicago!
June 19, 2009, 9:06 am
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I lived in Chicago for a few years in the 80’s, and I love the place. My daughter lives in Chicago now, and this morning she sent me the following text message:

“So i’m walking by the big bike chicago to work rally right now and thinking of you. You’d love it :)”

I told her if she got some pictures I’d put them on my blog, so here you go…

The schedule of events for the day. Looks like fun, wish I could make it!


I guess if you didn’t ride your bike there you could ride a bike there. 😉


Daley Plaza looks pretty full. Looks like a pretty big deal.


Check out the Bike Chicago website to see more about bike commuting in Chicago, or just to see how they do it in the Windy City. It sounds like Bike Chicago really has some great stuff happening. They even managed to get Bally Fitness to offer free showers to bike commuters at their health clubs around town! Very cool!

It would be great if more cities put this much into encouraging bike commuting.

(Thanks for the pictures Cami)

UPDATE: I guess some torrential thunderstorms blew in right after these pictures were taken and they had to shut everything down for the day. Bummer.


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