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Hello Goats… I Mean Sheep
June 16, 2009, 9:03 pm
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Tonight I had a little extra time on my after work commute, so I decided to stop and see the goats (actually, they are sheep… see Leah’s comment below) at a nearby park…


That is Jake’s really nice road bike that I’ve been riding lately. I showed it to the goats (sheep!), but they were unimpressed. Maybe because they had heard that Jake was in Africa eating some of their relatives. (Well the sheep were relieved to hear that Jake was not eating their relatives, at least as far as they know)

It’s been raining almost every day for about two weeks now, and we’ve had some monster storms. I got completely soaked once on my way home last week. This afternoon the sky was dark and angry again, but it didn’t rain, so it made for a really enjoyable cool breeze.

By the way, if you look in the distance in the above picture you’ll see some cars. There is a major road there, and the rush hour traffic was already starting to stack up. They definitely didn’t have as much fun on their way home as I did.


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You are so strange…but I really wish I could have seen those goats with you.
I think you are the only other person I know who would photograph your bike in front of a (flock? herd?) of goats.
Miss you.

Comment by Cami

Just learning to take more time to stop and smell the goats, er, ah, roses. 🙂

Comment by Scott

Honestly, they look like shorn sheep, and not goats. I don’t see any udders either.

Comment by Leah S


How embarrassing.

Well, you can tell I’m a city boy.

Comment by Scott

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