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Just For Fun
June 11, 2009, 8:55 pm
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The other day my friend Jake said, “Don’t you ever ride just for fun?”

I thought… “Well yeah, sure… I guess. Okay, so I usually ride to get somewhere.”


Yes, I was actually talking to Jake while he is in Africa, live, via Skype. Honestly, it is amazing to be able to do that. Jake says that the internet access there is really good. To quote him, “You can’t drink the water, but I can download the latest Eminem mp3 in a flash.” Sounds like we get our technology priorities messed up sometimes.

Anyway, last week I did decide to take a ride “just for fun”. I had a fairly stressful day and was ready for a break, so I decided to take a ride in the evening to clear my head. I started out planning my route, and then stopped myself. Instead I decided to just “go”, no real plan, no destination.

I took Jake’s bike, which is a really nice modern road bike. I’ve been riding that bike a lot more recently ever since I swapped out the Look pedals with a set of SPD pedals so that I can use my SPD shoes and sandals. The frame is aluminum and carbon fiber, and the whole bike is incredibly light, with all the new high tech features. It is a real joy to ride, and I’m getting spoiled. I told Jake that I’m not sure what I’m going to do when he comes home and wants it back.

It was a great ride. I ended up covering a little over twenty miles, and going places I’d never ridden before. I had a tough ride up a steep section, and that was a little exciting because the front derailleur stuck for some reason, so I couldn’t shift down from the large chainring. This meant that I had to work extra hard to get up that stretch, but I was able to make it, and the speedy ride down the other side was exhilarating.

I was good and tired when I got home, but my mind was clear and fresh. It was a great feeling.

Riding just for fun… yeah, I need to do that more often.


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Leisure riding…my favorite. BTW, what is that picture of?


Comment by Greg

It’s just a stock photo I found. I was trying to find something that communicated “just for fun” on a bicycle.

On my next “just for fun” ride I’ll try to remember to take my camera so I can capture some of the fun.

Comment by Scott

even though most of my weekday trips are on a bicycle, there are always some throughout the week, work or not, that end up falling under just for fun ;D
yes, I ditto, sweet photo

Comment by meligrosa

You know, I do a lot of commuting and I can usually begin to tell when I’ve not had a chance to do a “just for fun” ride in a while. It usually happens during the winter and early spring when the weekend weather is unpredictable. It’s amazing how a ride with no real purpose can clear your head and make you feel so great!

Comment by tracywilkins

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