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Strong Headwinds, Angry Clouds, Raindrops
May 19, 2009, 3:05 pm
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The ride in to work this morning was beautiful, however, the ride home was a bit more of an adventure…


Those flags in the picture above are huge, and you can see how the wind was blowing them. Well, I was pedaling home against that wind. It is surprising to me how much a strong headwind can sap my energy. In the past I’ve even found it very discouraging psychologically. I’m not sure why exactly, but maybe it is just that feeling of having to work so hard to get forward momentum going. It feels like all of nature has conspired against you to keep you from reaching your destination.

Today though, I was determined to make the best of it, so I just dropped my gears a bit, and tried to enjoy the cooling effect of the breeze. As I looked around though, I noticed the reason for the strong winds. Angry clouds heading my way indicated that a storm front was moving into the valley.


I was about a mile from home when I started feeling raindrops. I was worried for a moment, because it was so warm this morning that I didn’t even pack my windbreaker, which meant that if it really rained I was going to get soaked. Then I thought about things a bit more, and decided to just relax, since it was warm enough that it would probably be refreshing. I have a rain cover for my pannier, so all of my gear would stay dry even if I got wet.

Well, I felt a few more sprinkles before I got home, but the rain never really came. Now that I’m home the winds have picked up as the storm has moved in, and we’ve had some huge gusts, but it looks like we won’t be getting much rain out of this storm.

Oh well, some wind, some dark clouds, and some raindrops make for a bit of variety in my normal bike ride home.


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Scott, I felt your pain yesterday.
You are very right, the ride into the office was great, with the nice tail wind and perfect temperature, but the payback was the ride home :-(.
Hopefully your commute is relatively a flat ride, mine on the other hand is not, which made the ride home even more of an adventure.
(Care to guess which of my rides is the uphill one?)
Keep peddling dude!.
I still haven’t gotten brave and attempted to make the pedal change over.
I have a fear of the “Fall down go boom.” effect. 🙂

Comment by Bobby D

Thanks Bobby. Glad you made it home okay… and just think of how much stronger you got from that ride. 🙂

The falling down thing really isn’t that big of a deal, but there’s no rush. If you don’t want to go clipless then don’t worry about it, just enjoy your rides. (Although I’m sure a clipless setup would have made a huge difference in your ride yesterday. The power difference is amazing. 🙂 )

Comment by Scott

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the help with finding my destination today! Hope you have a great day.


Comment by Jason Fila

Hey Jason! Glad to help you out there, and I enjoyed the company. It made the ride go a lot faster on a hot day. Have a safe trip home tonight.

Comment by Scott

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