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April 9, 2009, 5:26 pm
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A while back I blogged about a guy who was riding his bicycle across America to raise money for a women’s hospital in Africa. I just became a little more connected to that story…


Last summer pastor Bruce Overstreet rode his bicycle across America to raise money for the Koutiala Women and Children’s Hospital (Hospital Femmes Et Enfants) in Mali, Africa. I hadn’t been biking very long when I heard that story, and I decided to make it one of my early blog posts. Bruce finished his 4000 mile ride, I did a follow up post, and I figured that was the end of that.

I also have a very good friend named Jake who took up bicycling about the same time that I did. Although we still haven’t been able to take a ride together we have been swapping stories of our adventures as we’ve discovered bicycling.

Now Jake is a nurse, and since he was young he has wanted to go to Africa as a missionary.  He’s been living here in Utah for the last couple of years, working at a local hospital, but he’s really been waiting for the chance to go to Africa.

That door has finally opened, and Jake is headed out, but here’s the cool part…

Jake is going to be a nurse at the Koutiala Hospital that Bruce was raising money for!

How cool is that?

I just love the way things come together like that sometimes. Maybe there’s something bigger going on here…

UPDATE: If you are curious you’ll find Jake’s blog about his African adventure here.


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Cool story! Glad to see you posting again.


Comment by Greg

Thanks Greg, and thanks for not giving up on this blog. I’ve had plenty of ideas for posting lately, just haven’t made the time to sit down and post. I’m trying to change that, so there should be more coming soon.


Comment by Scott

I would be curious to know how Jake got connected with Koutiala. I wonder how that all has worked out. I am appreciative that you followed my ride progress and for your interest especially in the hospital and cycling too. I continue to seek ways to make the work of the hospital known. I continue to ride too.

Comment by Bruce A Overstreet

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