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Winter Sunset
November 18, 2008, 12:49 pm
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There was a beautiful sunset while I was riding home yesterday…

Wasatch Sunset

Since the days are shorter this time of year it means that I often end up riding when the daylight is either coming or going. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s been a slow process, but I’m learning to take more time to stop and smell the roses (enjoy the sunsets?). I hope you enjoy your ride today.


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Nice photo. Views like that always remind of the many reasons I ride.

About you previous post. Have you considered cycling specific shoes for rain and cold? I have diabetes so foot protection is paramount. After much trial and error, I now use Lake MXZ 302 and I love them. They are not cheap, but they keep my feet dry and warm, and well worth it.

Comment by Bob

I just got a new 1up bicycle trainer so I’ll be riding inside for the winter.

I wish I had ridden the bike into work today though because it was nice and the trainer showed up and now I have to wait.

Comment by WeightLoss

Bob, thanks for the idea on those shoes. They look like they would work well. I just got my overshoes today, and they look promising, so I’m going with that plan for right now. If they don’t work out then I might take a look at those shoes.

Comment by Scott

wonderful 🙂 it is def. a pay-off when you take a minute of your ride, or day to do little things that bring such joy. cheers- from the bike lane /meli

Comment by meligrosa

Found your blog while researching Navaro rain gear. Nearly convinced to get Express Bike Jacket – not sure can still get in yellow, which I much prefer. Definitely will get pants. I wish all these manufacturers lavished reflective details, instead of just thin reflective piping and such like. I want to be extremely visible by day and night. I commute in Boston 4 miles each way with commuter boat/9 miles if I don’t take boat. Much of route is over 4 lanes major auto commuting/little bike traffic route.

Especially psyched by your research into footwear. This week feet got soaked while wearing traditional hi-cut rubbers. Yep, water poured off pants into open-rubber tops like into a bowl. NEOS Overshoe great idea – wear any shoes under! These three items sound ideal for winter and year-round rain commuting. Thanks!

Comment by Joe

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