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And Then There Was Snow
November 5, 2008, 2:41 pm
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It has been snowing almost non-stop for the last eight hours.

Trek 830 In Snow

I’m working from home today, so I didn’t ride my bike in this, but I wanted to give you a perspective on how deep the snow is getting. I probably have 8-10” of snow outside my house right now, and I have heard rumors that there are 3 feet or more up in the mountains… and it is still going strong.

It would seem that the first snow storm of the year has come to Utah in a big way. This is great for my snowboarding, but not so great for my bike riding. Maybe later this afternoon I’ll put my gear on and try riding around the neighborhood a bit to get a feel for riding in the snow. It will give the neighbors something to talk about while they are out shoveling their driveways. 🙂

UPDATE: Snowbird just announced that they have enough snow that they will be open this Friday! That is the second earliest opening in the resort’s 38 year history. Yes! (And no, I will not be riding my bike up Little Cottonwood Canyon to get there)

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We just moved out to southern Idaho (from North Dakota–definitely not a winter-friendly commute out there) and I’m not looking forward to the snow here. I’ve got a commuter bike right now with 700x35c tires, so I’m looking for a used mountain bike with 26″ wheels and fat tires for a little bit more traction when things get messy here.

Having never ridden any substantial amount through snow, I look forward to hearing about your experiences taking the bike for its paces 🙂

Comment by Jake

Hey Jake, thanks for your comment. I still haven’t ventured out into the snow yet. Some have recommended getting a set of studded snow tires, and that sounds like a great idea, but the ones I’ve looked at were around $100 a set… so a bit cost prohibitive right now. I’ll be posting about my snow riding, and if you have any adventures please come back and let us know.

Comment by Scott

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