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Top 10 Reasons to Be A Bike Commuter
September 11, 2008, 7:52 am
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  1. You feel pretty green, and green is good.
  2. Passing cars that are stuck in rush hour traffic is awesome.
  3. It’s fun watching the people around you come up with excuses why they can’t bike commute.
  4. Getting back at all of those people that said you were crazy when you told them you were going to start riding your bike to work.
  5. Riding around on a bike makes you remember how fun it was when you did that as a kid, only now you look a lot cooler.
  6. Seeing the look of amazement on the grocery store clerk’s face when you ask her to put your groceries in your panniers, and she says "You rode your bike here?"
  7. Realizing that you can ride a lot farther than you think you can.
  8. Spandex is optional.
  9. Doing something fun and getting exercise at the same time – "Accidental Fitness".
  10. Getting to your destination with less stress than you started with.

I’ve had this list brewing for a while. It’s not perfect, but I finally tweaked it enough that I figured I’d go ahead and post it.

What do you think? What would you put on your top 10 list of reasons for bike commuting?


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Though I haven’t started commuting, I’d agree with all of yours except “Spandex”. I ride “Spandexless”. I’d replace Spandex with “Eating Peanut M&Ms guilt-free.”


Comment by Greg

heheh Like Greg, I’d have to remove #8 from the list.

I’d replace it with something about “getting to tinker with bikes again”. I forgot how much I enjoyed that hands-on/hands-dirty stuff when I was a kid. Especially fun since my day job is very office-y.

Comment by JustinS

I would not include the Spandex on my list. I like wearing the baggy black shorts and reeling in the posers in spandex. Schooling them on hammer down cycling, then dropping them is way too much fun.

Comment by Bob

I agree to the spandex comments, no spandex for me! I would add that not having to drink coffee in the morning is a huge benifit for me. Getting that blood pumping first thing always makes the day better.

Comment by Brock

Its funny I’ve been working on my own list and posted them this morning. I plan on making extended comments in each one…. maybe we both can. Our reasons are differnet…. but not.

Comment by Tom

Well, my number one reason I bike commute is that I don’t have to own a car if I bike commute. I love not owning a car. I am a white-collar health care professional- everybody thinks I have to own a car to make my life work– wrong! I bike commute (24 years now), I have 8 bikes, I have two bike trailers — no car necessary! Haven’t owned a car for 7 years. Don’t miss it a bit.

Comment by Cliff H

Hmmm… looks like Spandex is the unpopular one of the bunch! Truth be told, I don’t wear Spandex either, well at least on the outside. I have a pair of baggy mountain bike shorts with a chamois liner, and a pair of REI biker boxers (spandex undies!) that I wear under regular shorts. I put the Spandex thing in the list because it seems like some must enjoy it, since that is one of the first things that seems to declare a person a member of the biking scene. Maybe I should edit item number 8 to be “Spandex is optional”. Hmmm… I think I’ll do that.

Comment by Scott

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