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New Cycle Computer
August 31, 2008, 7:56 pm
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I mentioned last week that I got a new cycle computer, so I figured that I’d put up a couple of pictures and show how I installed it. This is not a fancy cycle computer, it is just an inexpensive one that I found for under $10, but it performs all the basic functions that I wanted, basically speed, distance, and trip time.Cycle Computer Display It also has a clock, maximum speed, average speed, a trip odometer, and a lifetime odometer.

Installation is fairly straightforward, involving mounting the display on the handlebars, and then mounting the sensor on the fork and spokes.Cycle Computer Sensor

The device uses a magnetic sensor on the forks that tracks a magnetic screw on the spokes. After installation you have to enter a calibration number from the instructions that tells the computer how big your wheels are, so that it can figure out how far the bike has traveled for each wheel revolution. Each time the wheel goes around the magnet on the spokes registers a single revolution of the front wheel, then the computer does some math, and bingo… it knows your speed and how far you have traveled.

In case you are interested in the details of how this thing works, I found a person who has posted the manual on their website… and I thank them!

I have to say that it is fun to know how fast I am going, and how far I have gone. If you don’t have one of these I would recommend considering one.

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With gas prices being so high, I like being able to know how much I saved in gas by knowing the mileage.

Remember to keep your eyes on the rode. My dad hit a curb when he first had a cycle computer. 🙂

Comment by Bob

Yeah, these little buggers can definitely steal your attention while riding. It’s easy to see how someone could hit an obstacle while trying to use one of these, especially when you are first trying to figure out how to work it. I think I am over the initial fascination after my first few rides, and I actually find myself forgetting to look at my time and speed when I get to my destination… but I’d rather have that than an obsession with my speed. I like the max speed, and the cumulative odometer. A very useful gadget!

Comment by Scott

These are great little devices. Like you, I like knowing my cumulative mileage.


Comment by Greg

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