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Learn To Bicycle Safely!
August 27, 2008, 1:46 pm
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I just found the best site I’ve ever seen about bicycling safely in city traffic. This site does a great job of explaining the most common risks, as well as giving several strategies to avoid them. The diagrams and explanations are clear and easy to understand. Stop by and take a look at because it just could save your life.

Really… do it… I was able to read most everything in about 10 minutes… and that 10 minutes could mean the difference between life and death on your next ride.

Thanks to the Crazy Commuting Cyclist for his post about bicycle safety.


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I remember reading this site when I first started bicycle commuting. I used to be mad at all the drivers being crazy. Now I get infruiated by watching crazy bicyclists. 90-percent of the bicyclists I see are either on the sidewalk or the left side of the road. NINETY-PERCENT.

Comment by Zach

Bicycle is a noun, not a verb!

Comment by Fixup

Hmm… so Fixup, are you trying to live up to your name? Oh wait, I see, you are a fixed gear rider. Now I get it.

Actually, there are those who would disagree with you:

Clearly not the most authoritative of sources, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Thanks for stopping by and trying to fixup my site. 🙂

Comment by Scott

I noticed that many Americans say “I bicycle” (arghhh… it sounds horrible to me) whereas us English people who speak proper English 😉 say “I ride” or “I cycle”.

Comment by Fixup

My son-in-law is British, so I have an appreciation for you proper English speakers. Personally, I love the sound of that accent, of course I’m sure you would argue that we are the ones with the accent. 🙂 Cheerio (sp?), and have a great day cycling!

Comment by Scott

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