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Nice Cool Morning!
August 22, 2008, 9:13 am
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The weather has started to change just a bit here in Utah, and that means we are leaving the dog days of summer behind, and getting just a hint of cooler temperatures. This morning’s ride in was in the lower 60’s, and it was wonderful. It was actually a little cool for the first mile or so, and I even thought about a jacket, but then I got warmed up and the cool air just felt great.j0289387 (No, that picture is not me, but I thought it captured the essence of the day)

I bought a new cycle computer the other day, and got it installed last night. Nothing fancy, just a cheap one from WallyMart, but it does tell me how far, how fast, and how long… which is what I wanted to know. It was fun watching that on the ride in today… but I don’t think it helps with my obsession with speed. Oh well.  I’ll probably put some pictures of it up this weekend.

I also “slimed” my front tire… you know, the good kind of slime… that green gooey stuff. Yeah, I haven’t had any more flats since I installed that heavy duty tube with slime in my rear tire, but recently I’ve had some legitimate flats on my front tire. By legitimate, I mean real road hazards… you know, thorns and stuff. I’ve patched the front tire twice recently, but I figured that the slime wouldn’t hurt. I actually was going to put one of those heavy duty tubes in the front as well, but the store was out of them. In fact, the store was out of a lot of biking stuff… it looked like they’ve been selling a lot and hadn’t been able to restock yet. That’s great!

Have a great Friday!


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or as walmart so often does, changes stocking with the season. I went to a stronger tire in the rear and haven’t had a flat on that tire since. I still get occassional flats on the front and will likely invest in another tire.

Comment by Tom

I hear a lot about thorns from you guys who live out west. Luckily, here in western Tennessee, we don’t have such pests. However, we do have a lot of other road debris(enough that I bought slime tubes and put on my bike). I haven’t had a flat since installing them.


Comment by Greg

I started using Specialized Armadillo tires on my commuter bike when I first bought it a couple of years ago and they are great. I hate to say it, but I have not had any flats with them and the wear has been incredible.

I switched over to them on my road bike and I like knowing it will be something significant to cause a flat. They are not the lightest or fastest, but the tires are extremely reliable.

Comment by Bob

I am starting to ride daily now on my commute of 16 miles round trip. I used to get flats continually, like every other day. I would hit glass, thorns, road shrapnel –UGH! it was very discouraging. I complained to my bike shop about it and they hooked me up with a Kevlar tire liner AND the green goop. It has been 2 months since, and I only had one freak accident flat since (a piece of radial unravelled steel belt which penetrated my tire diagonally, bypassing the liner!). It is absolute bliss to not have to buy a new tube for so long.

Two months from now, as Autumn descends, it will chill up real nice here in Salt Lake Valley. We should discuss equipment to stay warm and ventilated in cold weather. How cold is too cold in spite of warming equipment and clothing?
Also I get the need for speed thing. I have a “speedometer” (computer) and just this morning I got to 35.5 mph on a hill (down hill). WeeHAW!

Sadly, I haven’t been able to match that speed on the return trip back home.

Comment by LP

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