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Excuses… Excuses… Excuses
August 20, 2008, 8:11 am
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Yesterday was my first day riding in over a week. After my last ride it just seemed like all kinds of things came up that got in the way of my riding. The scary part was that as that trend continued, I found myself looking for excuses not to ride. How can this be? I know that I like to ride my bike, so why would I want to find excuses not to? Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing.

Some of the excuses were legitimate. My wife and daughter had gotten some kind of nasty head and chest cold, and at one point I felt like I was trying to fight it off, so that day I decided not to ride. Then some scheduling challenges. Then I found a flat tire when I was getting ready for my morning commute. And then… does it matter? Probably not, because the excuses started piling up.

Well, the good part is that I got back in the saddle yesterday and did my commute to work, and the ride in was really nice. The weather was a bit cooler and invigorating, and I counted 12 other riders, for a BPM of 2.6, which is a new record. The ride home last night was not too bad, although it was around 9:00pm, and I hadn’t had any dinner yet, so I was a bit tired. I tried to take it easy and just enjoy the cool air and the night ambience.

So, I’m back. It’s been too long… but it’s all about starting again once you get off track, right?

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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It is not always a bad thing to take a break and recover.

However, when I find myself always having an excuse, I make a commitment to myself I am going to ride tomorrow not matter what. In the meantime I make sure my chain is lubed, the tires are pumped up, and I will go as far as preparing my lunch the day before. I top it off by going to bed a little earlier so I can get up with enough time to ride. Basically I eliminate as many excuses as I can.

Then once I ride and the mental sunshine starts to flow, I ask myself why did I need the break anyway?

Comment by Bob

Glad to see you’re back in the saddle. You’re doing much better than I am, I’ve yet to commute a single day. My excuses are almost endless. But, I do enjoy reading a few commuting blogs and hopefully one of these days I’ll be doing it myself.


Comment by Greg

Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Bob… gotta love that “mental sunshine” when it starts flowin’

Greg… go for it! You CAN do this. It is so much easier than it seemed before I got started. Don’t let those excuses get the best of you.

Comment by Scott

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