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Riding Your Bike in Traffic
July 4, 2008, 1:30 pm
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I just saw this video, and it does a great job of making a point.  It is only about a minute long, so take a minute out of your life and watch it right now…

There, now you have a much better idea of how you, as a cyclist, can blend into the surroundings so that motorists just don’t see you.

I found that video from reading this great blog post about riding your bike with cars. I think the author makes some great points, and gives some good advice. The question of where to ride in the road is a touchy subject, especially if you ask a non-cyclist driver. Be prepared for some lively conversation!

Are cyclists better off in the middle of the road, the side of the road, or the sidewalk? (Sorry, “not on the road at all” is not a valid answer)

What do you think?

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In general, I’ll bike where I feel safest, whether that be on a sidewalk, bike lane, or dedicated bike path. I end up using all methods just going to the local grocery store.

When I was biking in my 20s, I had a couple of guys in a pickup truck stop ahead of me, and get out and yell at me that I was taking up their valuable roadway and I had to yield to them. I ignored them and went on. Prior to their stop, I didn’t move because of road debris on the semi-paved shoulder. After I passed, they got back in and proceeded to honk their horn when they got behind me. I moved over this time as I felt it safer than dealing with a potential psychopath.

I’ve had other incidents of motorists not being polite to me as a biker, but that was the most aggressive action I’ve had to endure.

Comment by Aaron Eidinger

Great video. Cami told me I should watch it.
I wasn’t aware of the bear the first time, but in reality, I don’t even think it’s a real bear.
Glad to hear the bike riding is going well.

Comment by Daveo

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