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A Couple Good Rides
June 16, 2008, 9:40 am
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If you’ve read my last couple of posts you probably realized that I felt like I really blew myself out on my ride home last Tuesday night.  It was the first time I’ve ridden that late at night (midnight) and I was also really tired from the events of the day.  What suprised me most was how much that challenging ride negatively affected my desire to ride.  I was going to ride to work on Friday, but I bailed out at the last minute and went back to bed for a little more sleep.  I was in a slump and had to figure a way out…

So, yesterday (Father’s Day) I realized I needed to make a run to Home Depot and the grocery store, and I decided to ride my bike.  This was a pretty major challenge mentally, because the start of that route is a pretty steep uphill climb, and then the rest of the route is a mild uphill.  I decided to go for it, as much to prove that I could do it as to just get a good ride in.  The beginning of the ride was tough, but not as tough as I expected it to be.  I got my shopping done, and then enjoyed the benefits of a downhill ride all the way home.  Awesome!  I was out of my slump!

This morning’s ride into work carried on the good vibes that I had stirred up yesterday, and I even shaved a few minutes off my standard ride time.  Woo hoo!  I’ve got another evening meeting tonight, which means another nighttime ride home.  Hopefully I can keep the good vibes flowing for that ride tonight.

Is this slump thing normal?  Have you experienced a kind of ebb and flow in your joy of riding?


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Glad to hear you pushed through the dooldrums… I’m new to bike commuting so still have that newbie (can’t imagine how I’d ever tire of this) zeal. I must admit I never enjoyed my ride to work so much!

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