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Late Night Ride
June 11, 2008, 8:44 am
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Yesterday I had some evening obligations so I ended up riding straight to my meetings from work.  My meetings went late, and I ended up riding home around midnight.  I have a cheap head light that I got last week “just in case” I ended up in a situation like this.  I also have LED blinkie lights on the front and back of my bike.  Even so, I have to say that I found my 6.5 mile ride home in the dark a bit creepy. This was on regular suburban streets, and the traffic wasn’t heavy since it was so late, but there are several portions of the road that did not have streetlights, and it was DARK!  It is a new experience to be pedaling along and to have the only area you can really “see” be the little four foot diameter headlight spot about 40 feet in front of you.  I hit a couple of bumps that caught me by suprise, and I was fine, but I realized that I really needed to watch for “unseen” potholes and ruts.  I have ridden this route in the daytime about five times in the last week and a half, so it was familiar to me, which was good, because I can’t imagine covering unknown territory at night under those conditions.

I’m sure my overall experience wasn’t helped by the fact that I was really tired.  Not only was it late, but I think I have overdone my riding a bit this week.  I’ve been so excited about bicycling that I’ve ended up running a few extra errands and things, and the routes I’ve taken have found me riding a good bit uphill most of the way home.  I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, but I am able to work from home today, so I can get some needed rest.  I’m still excited to be doing this, but I’m going to take a couple days off from riding.

What about you?  Any night time riding experiences you’d like to share?  How about riding too much?  This blog is so new that I’m not sure there’s anyone out there reading this yet… but I thought I’d ask.  Until next time…

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Man, am I tired today. That is the refrain that keeps rolling around in my head.
I’ve been bicycle commuting to work everyday (not on the weekends) and I was really enjoying it. However, since working until 11pm, last night, and having to get up to go to my part – time job the thought of commuting my bicycle, today leaves me tired.
I guess after a good nights sleep, I’ll start up again, tomorrow.

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